Style and Function: Planning Outdoor Lighting

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outdoor lighting

The exterior of your home sends a message to everyone who sees it. You want it to appear warm and inviting to your family and friends, while giving an impression of security to prowlers and miscreants. Fortunately for homeowners, selection of the design and landscaping of a home can broadcast the message you want to send, whether…Read More

Elevate a Simple Home with Warm Woods

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wood fireplace surround

The natural charm and warmth of wood has long been recognized by designers and homeowners alike as one of the preeminent material choices for historic homes. Its multicolored tones and subdued textures have often been imitated, but never truly reproduced by other materials, both naturally or man-made. Detailed below are a few suggestions on how to incorporate warm woods into…Read More

LED Lighting: What the Craze is All About

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lighting installation

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are semiconductors that emit light when voltage is applied. Although they’ve been around in limited form since the 1960s, it wasn’t until the last decade that they gained in popularity as an energy efficient lighting source. With a high light output and a wide range of colors available, LEDs are now used…Read More

Designing a Bathroom That Draws the Wandering Eye

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Although bathrooms provide an excellent return on investment, many people overlook the benefits of designing a space to draw the wandering eye. Whether you’re undergoing a major renovation, uplifting a historic home or building a new home for the family, working with an architect can help inspire great home design ideas for your bathroom while providing a…Read More

Light up a Historic Home with Contemporary Lighting

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historic home

Historic homes generally don’t have a lot of natural light, but this is all part of the charm that draws us to them in the first place. With the vast choices available today, it’s possible to bring modern lighting into a historic home without compromising the architecture’s character. Recessed lighting, with its unobtrusive design, is a popular choice when subtle light…Read More

Bringing Transitional Lighting into a Grand Foyer

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Since your foyer is the first room to make an impression on family, house guests and visitors, it’s important to make a bold statement with the right design. Whether your style is modern or you’re re-creating a look from days gone by, the lighting plan you choose for your foyer is a fundamental step towards achieving your…Read More

Sustainable Architecture 101: The Utility of Salvaged Wood

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home office

An important facet of sustainable architecture includes using building materials that are not harmful to the environment, as well as reusing materials whenever possible. Salvaged wood can be upcycled and used in many applications that meet both of those criteria. Considering the beauty, uniqueness and historical quality of reclaimed wood, you should not overlook its…Read More

Selecting the Right Lighting can Actually Boost Productivity

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Although it may not be an obvious priority for your business, commercial site or home office, lighting design is a critical element in any work space. It can encourage sales in a retail environment and boost productivity in the office. Since lighting a work space consumes so much energy, upgrading to energy-efficient light sources is a great investment that can encourage production.…Read More

Lighting We Like: Hammerton Studios

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As the leading American custom lighting designer, Hammerton Studios knows a thing or two about creating gorgeous light fixtures. Combining old-world artisan techniques with modern design and manufacturing, we can count on them to produce the best lighting solutions for the most refined New England designs. With their entire operations situated in a 50,000 square foot facility in…Read More