Warm-Up a Home with a New Fire Pit

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Source: Erin Norris via Houzz

Are you looking to customize your home? Do you want to bring character to an open, spacious backyard? When flower gardens and pools just aren’t cutting it anymore, and you want something that draws people toward your home, like a moth to a flame, you should consider installing a fire pit. Why are they so popular? Unlike…Read More

Enhance a Historic Home with Garden Lighting

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solar lantern

When you have great focal points in your landscape, garden lighting will help draw the eye and showcase these features. Your home’s first impression is reliant on its curb appeal, which includes a beautifully landscaped yard, a well-kept exterior and attractive lighting to enhance an historic or modern home. Not only will you impress your guests with stunning…Read More

Sustainable Architecture: Can a Building Make Its Occupants Happy

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sustainable home

Our earliest ancestors understood the concept of sustainable architecture without realizing there was a name for it. They set up home in savannas, woodlands and caverns that provided the proper amount of natural light, protection from weather extremes and plenty of plants and vegetation to survive and barter. Unfortunately, centuries passed before we began to consider these…Read More

Utilize the Energy Star Light Bulb Guide When Seeking New Lighting

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outdoor lighting

An important facet of sustainable architecture is to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint. Although it may seem insignificant, something as simple as replacing ordinary incandescent bulbs in your home with Energy Star-rated products can add up to substantial savings on both your energy bills and your home’s carbon footprint. Lighting alone consumes roughly 12 percent of the energy…Read More

Adding an Addition to Your Historic Home

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historic home

Historic preservation is an aspect of Americana that can be seen in New England and communities both small and large. And, this is one of the driving factors that keep some homeowners in their historic home from one generation to the next, leading some to add an addition. But with tight regulations that ensure the…Read More

Style and Function: Planning Outdoor Lighting

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outdoor lighting

The exterior of your home sends a message to everyone who sees it. You want it to appear warm and inviting to your family and friends, while giving an impression of security to prowlers and miscreants. Fortunately for homeowners, selection of the design and landscaping of a home can broadcast the message you want to send, whether…Read More

Elevate a Simple Home with Warm Woods

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wood fireplace surround

The natural charm and warmth of wood has long been recognized by designers and homeowners alike as one of the preeminent material choices for historic homes. Its multicolored tones and subdued textures have often been imitated, but never truly reproduced by other materials, both naturally or man-made. Detailed below are a few suggestions on how to incorporate warm woods into…Read More

LED Lighting: What the Craze is All About

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lighting installation

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are semiconductors that emit light when voltage is applied. Although they’ve been around in limited form since the 1960s, it wasn’t until the last decade that they gained in popularity as an energy efficient lighting source. With a high light output and a wide range of colors available, LEDs are now used…Read More

Designing a Bathroom That Draws the Wandering Eye

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Although bathrooms provide an excellent return on investment, many people overlook the benefits of designing a space to draw the wandering eye. Whether you’re undergoing a major renovation, uplifting a historic home or building a new home for the family, working with an architect can help inspire great home design ideas for your bathroom while providing a…Read More