Festive Holiday Decor Ideas for Entryways

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Source: Houzz

Make a good first impression this holiday season by adding festive decor to your entryway. Guests will instantly feel welcomed when greeted by such touches as wreaths, garlands, and luminaries. You’ll also boost your home’s curb appeal in the process. A festive wreath hung on the front door is always a staple for a well-decorated…Read More

Design Elements to Create Your Own New England Dollhouse

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Photo via TMS Architects Do you feel giddy when thinking about playing with the dollhouse you had as a child? Besides bringing back fond childhood memories, traditional style dollhouses evoke a bygone era when times were simpler, when your imagination could take you anywhere. Whether you still have your own dollhouse or not, you probably remember…Read More

Elegantly Decorate Your Christmas Tree for the Holidays

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Photo via Houzz As the focal point of your holiday decorations, decorating your Christmas tree is an important task for setting the tone of your home this season. From setting the tree up to stringing lights to adding ornaments and wrapping the bottom with a tree skirt, trimming your tree may be time consuming, but…Read More

Get Decorative with Your Holiday Mantle

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Get Decorative with Your Holiday Mantle

Your home’s fireplace is sure to be a popular gathering spot for friends and families this holiday season. A creatively decorated mantle will help set a festive mood and spread cheer throughout the home. Whether your tastes are rustic, traditional, or eclectic, you can personalize your mantle decor to suit any holiday style. One of…Read More

Visit The Music Hall This December for the Holidays

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Visit The Music Hall This December for the Holidays

Several years ago we worked on the historic renovation of The Music Hall theater in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The renovations breathed new life into the architectural gem, which remains a fixture of the local arts scene and community. If you haven’t visited since the renovation, the holiday season is a great time to have a look…Read More

Visit the Candlelight Stroll at Strawbery Bank Museum

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Visit the Candlelight Stroll at Strawbery Bank Museum

One of the specialties of our architecture firm is historic preservation, so we have an interest in historical activities and events in our community. From historic homes and building projects to the sense of nostalgia we feel as a result of fond memories, history plays an important role in everyday life. The holiday season is…Read More

Bringing a Stylish and Functional Library in Your Home

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home office and library

When you have old leather bound tomes from grandparents, stacks of stories from those years when toddlers still scurried around the home, and dusty hardcovers that you just can’t let go of, there are few household features to store books like a library. If it seems like you have too many books and nowhere to…Read More

Sustainable Architecture: Facing Carbon Head-On in the Future

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solar farmhouse

The concept of sustainability dates back to the 1970s when the energy crisis, uncontrolled pollution and environmentally damaging materials made the world realize we couldn’t depend on fossil fuels forever. Fortunately, new studies have unveiled the benefits of renewable resources, recycling existing materials and adopting sustainable practices to help turn things around, and in industries such…Read More

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas That Will Heat Up Any Gathering

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outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can enhance a variety of spaces outdoors and heat up any gathering. From ornate to simplistic in design, the choices are virtually endless. Working with an architect to develop your design is very helpful as there are many considerations to make when adding a fireplace to your landscape. The first thing to determine is whether…Read More