Working with an Architect: Choosing a Floor Plan

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Just because you’ve decided to build a two-story Cape Cod home doesn’t mean it’s all settled when imagery of your future home surfaces in daydreams. If you’re working with an architect, he’s going to need a bit more tangible information before construction can begin!   This means meeting and brainstorming with an architect to choose…Read More

Light Up a Transitional Room with Schoolhouse Lights

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school house lights

When designing a transitional room, finding the right balance of new and old furnishing while maintaining an uncluttered space can be a difficult accomplishment. This can be especially true when you are trying to add task or ambient lighting. New updates to timeless schoolhouse lights are an excellent way to add a vintage appeal to…Read More

Flex Rooms: Maximizing Space in Any Home

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contemporary home

TMS architects is always keeping track of the most popular home design trends, from building materials to market trends. And today, we will be taking a closer look at flex rooms in houses and lofts, which are becoming particularly attractive to homeowners and potential buyers. Flex rooms are not a new idea in home design; they surge in popularity every…Read More

Sustainable Architecture: Has the Smart Home Arrived?

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green light switch

Smart technology is undoubtedly on the rise. First, it was smart phones and TVs, now it’s smart homes. These homes are designed with high tech features and advancements that bring safety, comfort, convenience, style — and now – efficiency to a level that was unfathomable just 10 years ago. With this exciting market still evolving and gaining…Read More

Enjoy the Beach! Oceanfront Homes by TMS

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oceanfront home

The coast holds a magical place in many of our hearts, and the hefty pull of the ocean is nearly impossible to resist. We at TMS Architects have designed numerous luxury beachfront properties – our architects and designers are constantly inspired to bring the beauty of the sea into the comfort of a gorgeous home. In the…Read More

Colorful Countertops Bring Interest to the Kitchen

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Countertops are more than just a functional part of your kitchen. Yes, having lots of workspace for cooking and baking is a dream for any homeowner, but countertops can also become an artistic aspect of one of the most important rooms in your home. Like a piece of furniture in a living room or study,…Read More

Interiors That Pop with Colorful Trim Work and Moldings

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Once you select custom trim and molding for your new construction or renovation project, it’s time to pick the perfect color. While some homeowners select architectural trims and moldings in colors that blend well with their walls, we encourage you to think about how a more colorful option can transform your home’s design and make…Read More

Consider the Effects of Color on the Ceiling

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Color is a powerful design tool, and when used on ceilings, it can create some dramatic effects. The ceiling, or “fifth wall” as some designers call it, is a great place to add a pop of color. A colorful ceiling draws the eye up, making small rooms feel more open and large rooms feel more…Read More

Take a Look at Pantone’s 2015 Color Palettes

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If you’re thinking about painting your home, or want to accent a specific architectural feature, you’ve probably started thinking about the colors you might like to use. However, color selection is more complicated than just picking one hue. You should choose colors that complement each other harmoniously or create an interesting contrast, depending on your…Read More