Bringing a Stylish and Functional Library in Your Home

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home office and library

When you have old leather bound tomes from grandparents, stacks of stories from those years when toddlers still scurried around the home, and dusty hardcovers that you just can’t let go of, there are few household features to store books like a library. If it seems like you have too many books and nowhere to…Read More

Sustainable Architecture: Facing Carbon Head-On in the Future

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solar farmhouse

The concept of sustainability dates back to the 1970s when the energy crisis, uncontrolled pollution and environmentally damaging materials made the world realize we couldn’t depend on fossil fuels forever. Fortunately, new studies have unveiled the benefits of renewable resources, recycling existing materials and adopting sustainable practices to help turn things around, and in industries such…Read More

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas That Will Heat Up Any Gathering

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outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can enhance a variety of spaces outdoors and heat up any gathering. From ornate to simplistic in design, the choices are virtually endless. Working with an architect to develop your design is very helpful as there are many considerations to make when adding a fireplace to your landscape. The first thing to determine is whether…Read More

Sustainable Architecture: Integrating Bamboo Into a Home

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living room

Bamboo is making a greater appearance in modern home design as conscientious owners and sustainable architects are learning more about this material’s great sustainability factors. As the fastest growing wood producing plant in the world, bamboo is tougher than steel when it comes to tensile and compression strength. It’s also harder than red oak and maple, and isn’t as susceptible to…Read More

It’s All in the Details in a Modern Bathroom

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If you’re upgrading an historic home or searching for new home design ideas for a future project, there are plenty of themes and styles to help guide your way during the process, especially when it comes to the bathroom. Whether you’re upgrading to increase your home’s value or to create a spa-like retreat for your own enjoyment,…Read More

What You Need to Know About Hardscaping

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Hardscaping is an excellent addition to any home or commercial property in need of an uplift or boost in value. There are many considerations when developing a plan for your project, and working with an architect is a great way to ensure your money is well spent and that your project will not cause damage to your…Read More

Modern Designs That will Help an Old Fireplace Standout Again

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Has the fireplace in your home seen better days? Do you have a historic home that needs a pop of new life as the weather cools off? If you’re still staring at that old, plain fireplace with a grimace, you can get an architect to give it a face-lift. But until you find the right…Read More

Illuminate Dark Corners with Contemporary Hall Lighting

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Hallways are often overlooked when designing and creating focal points in a home. Whether your hallway leads to a living or private quarters, there’s ample opportunity to turn this space into one that enhances your home’s aesthetic and expresses your sense of style. One of the most important facets of designing a hallway is the…Read More

Warm-Up a Home with a New Fire Pit

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Source: Erin Norris via Houzz

Are you looking to customize your home? Do you want to bring character to an open, spacious backyard? When flower gardens and pools just aren’t cutting it anymore, and you want something that draws people toward your home, like a moth to a flame, you should consider installing a fire pit. Why are they so popular? Unlike…Read More