Secret Gardens: Your Own Outdoor Sanctuary

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There are some places in your home designed for gatherings, while others are for work and play. But sometimes you pine for personal space that’s just for you. Soon, you can enjoy the peace of a secret garden and a quiet hideaway on your property where you can read, relax and enjoy fresh air. Here are some…Read More

It’s Time to Start Thinking Spring with Garden Room Design Ideas

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Even though the official start to spring is still a little over a week away, it’s not too early to start thinking of ways to enhance your outdoor living spaces with beautiful garden rooms. Garden rooms can be used for outdoor entertaining in the spring and summer or simply for relaxation and the enjoyment of fresh…Read More

Lakeside Manor Designed by TMS Architects

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Lakeside Manor

The owners of this stunning lakeside property in New Hampshire wanted their home to parallel the natural beauty of the lake and mountains that surrounded it. This was music to our ears. TMS Architects found infinite inspiration in the property’s natural characteristics as well as fulfillment in creating a design that would promote harmony and…Read More

Inspiration From Paris: The New Tour First Building

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Tour First

Taking the more sustainable approach of refurbishing rather than replacing, French architect Yrieix Martineau added 11 stories, 3 wings and a spinning wheel visual effect to create what is now the newest and tallest building to grace the Paris skyline. Formerly known as the Tour Axa, the 39-floor building was first raised in 1974 under…Read More

Libraries with Architectural Flair

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We just saw a really neat article on Curbed featuring “five architecturally impressive libraries,” and we had to share! Even with so much in print going online, we still enjoy holding an actual book or magazine once in a while, and libraries are fabulous places. Here’s a look at a couple of the libraries they…Read More

Forward-Thinking Architecture

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By Interboro Partners via

There’s a neat exhibit going on at the Center for Architecture in New York called “Glimpses of New York and Amsterdam in 2040.” After reading about it on the Architect’s Newspaper Blog and the Center’s website, we’re intrigued. Essentially, 10 different architecture firms share their visions of these two cities thinking well into the future…Read More

How Does U.S. Home Size Compare to Other Countries?

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Did you know an average American home is much larger than homes in many European countries?

Do you think you could guess the average size of a home here in the U.S.? How do you think it compares to house sizes in other countries? Well, Apartment Therapy let us know, and the results are pretty interesting! While homes in the U.S. average around 2,300 square feet (this number is for new…Read More

Replicated Famous Homes

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There are some famous homes—both in real life and on TV or the big screen—that you recognize right off the bat—you know, like the White House or the colorful home from the movie “Up.” But did you know many of these recognizable homes have inspired what CNBC is referring to as imitation homes, homes that…Read More

Architecture on Water: A Navigable Hotel Concept

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After sharing about a floating building aiming for Gold LEED certification just last week, we’ve come across another noteworthy architecture project situated on water—this time in the form of a “botel,” a clever combination of a boat and a hotel. Arch Daily covered Ivan Filipovic’s idea for a navigable hotel on the Adriatic Sea, and…Read More