Creating Beach Houses that Stand Up to the Elements

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Source: TMS Architects

Usually the idea of building a vacation home at the beach will evoke thoughts of swimming, building sand castles, basking in the sun, and enjoying dinners of only the freshest seafood. What many don’t consider is how the sand, salt, wind, rain and even the bright sunlight reflecting off of the water can affect an…Read More

5 Ways to Blend Home Designs with Landscapes

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A balanced home is a beautiful home. But balance is about more than just a sturdy foundation. It’s about thoughtful design that works with the landscape, not against it. 1. Earthy hues: One of the surest ways to achieve harmony between a home design and the natural landscape is with a palette inspired directly by…Read More

Let it Shine…

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If you’ve been tuning into our blog lately, you might have noticed that we’ve been turning back to nature. In one of our recent posts - Let it Grow - we shared how the TMS Architects team was able to design the Wolfeboro Lakeside Manor to blend in seamlessly with the natural landscape. Shortly before that, we also posted about different Sustainable Design…Read More

How Small Can You Go?

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Another home on the site.  Image Courtesy Sarah L. Voison/The Washington Post

This question is being asked  by a group in Washington D.C.,, who are building a small community of tiny movable houses in a neighborhood a few miles north of the U.S. Capitol.  Tucked behind traditional row houses and reachable only  by an alley, the .09-acre lot is home to three “micro-units” on  wheels. The…Read More

Adding Natural Beauty with Reclaimed Building Materials

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The art of using “reclaimed” or recycled building materials, while not new, is a process that’s gained significant attention in recent years with the greater push towards sustainable materials and building methods in renovation and new construction projects. It has especially been emphasized as the Environmental Protection Agency promotes that a large percentage of materials on construction and…Read More

Sustainable Design Strategies

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As the green building industry continues to evolve, home building professionals are learning how to better design with landscapes rather than against them. As ArchDaily wrote, “. . . we continually replace natural landscapes with our own built environment, and today our built environment is embellishing the natural environment in a responsible (while still aesthetic) manner.”…Read More

The New American Home Ushers the Outdoors In

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Master bedroom

Each year the International Builders’ Show commissions one show-stopping home that represents the latest innovations and trends within the design and architectural worlds. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the 2013 New American Home (NAH) is filled with energy efficient and sustainable materials everywhere you look. The home has earned Emerald Status from…Read More

TMS Project, Regeneration Park, Wins AIA NH Award

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The exterior of Regeneration Park with a glimpse of the rain garden on the side.

Shannon Alther,  TMS Architects Principal and AIANH ‘s President-Elect, was on hand January 11th at the Bedford Village Inn to accept an AIA Award of Excellence for his work on Regeneration Park in Portsmouth, NH.  A former abandoned auto dealership, the building was re-used and re-purposed into a a state-of-the art, near net-zero office, retail…Read More

Residential Architecture Trends for 2013

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Trends in residential architecture develop slowly. But as one Houzz writer noted, some of the events of the past year reveal what architectural trends may be emerging in 2013. Below are just a few of the architectural trend predictions for 2013. Contemporary Cores in Old Buildings – Older buildings, such as historic homes, are constantly being repurposed,…Read More