Minding the Future: Integrating Sustainable Landscaping

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lush landscape

Encouraged by an ever-deepening understanding of global environmental issues, many homeowners and commercial enterprises are seeking new ways to “build greener” and surround their homes with sustainable landscaping. Such insightful landscaping can enrich your home and its natural surroundings in multiple ways. Feeling Better About Building: Why Sustainable Landscaping is a Permanent Trend In truth, the popularity…Read More

Organic Architecture: Bridging Architecture and Nature

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Since 1908, Frank Lloyd Wright has used the word “organic” in his philosophy of architecture. Expanding on the teachings of his mentor, Louis Sullivan, he took this concept that form follows function and developed it into the idea that “form and function are one.” Wright’s philosophy can be loosely translated to mean that organic architecture is a…Read More

Sustainable Architecture: Has the Smart Home Arrived?

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Smart technology is undoubtedly on the rise. First, it was smart phones and TVs, now it’s smart homes. These homes are designed with high tech features and advancements that bring safety, comfort, convenience, style — and now — efficiency to a level that was unfathomable just 10 years ago. With this exciting market still evolving and gaining…Read More

Four Reasons People Love Sustainable Architecture

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sustainable architecture

In a world where we’re more conscious than ever about the carbon footprint we leave behind, sustainable architecture is taking a strong foothold in new construction, additions and renovation projects. Although the benefits are many, here are just four reasons why people love sustainable architecture: Number 1 — People have an instinctual draw to nature. Despite…Read More

Back to Basics: Applying Common Sense in Sustainable Architecture

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Not very long ago, the term sustainable architecture would have been redundant. Architecture was, by its very nature, sustainable. Humans either inhabited structures that already existed or built just enough shelter to protect their families from the elements. In an era where products are sourced from around the planet and toxic synthetic chemicals have been added…Read More

Selecting the Right Eco-Friendly Paints

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We are all too familiar with the lingering odor of new paint. It strikes you like an open palm upon entering a freshly painted house, and perhaps forces you to open a window or even leave the area entirely. What you may not know is the chemicals you are inhaling are not only harmful to…Read More

TMS Architects’s Second Emerging Professional Winner!

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TMS Architects is proud to have two winners in the 2014 Emerging Professionals Design Competition which was announced by AIANH on January 10th.  TMS ‘s project manager,Gillian Baresich,  was awarded 1st Place for her entry which we covered in yesterday’s blog post and today’s post focuses on TMS Project Manager Tim Giguere’s 2nd Place winning…Read More

Lighten Up – Kitchen Windows

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sunflower kitchen

The kitchen is the nucleus of the home, the place where family and friends gather and great meals and memories are made. Whether you are designing or remodeling your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of natural light to keep it inviting and bright. Natural light is one of the essential ingredients in the…Read More

How is Your Indoor Air Quality?

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Design by TMS Architects

TMS Architects is committed not only to creating beautiful homes and buildings, but also to creating sustainable structures through environmentally sound practices that have minimal impact on the natural surroundings while creating healthy spaces for living and working. And our LEED-certified architects ensure that our sustainability goals are met. One piece of the green building…Read More