The New American Home Ushers the Outdoors In

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Master bedroom

Each year the International Builders’ Show commissions one show-stopping home that represents the latest innovations and trends within the design and architectural worlds. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the 2013 New American Home (NAH) is filled with energy efficient and sustainable materials everywhere you look. The home has earned Emerald Status from…Read More

TMS Project, Regeneration Park, Wins AIA NH Award

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The exterior of Regeneration Park with a glimpse of the rain garden on the side.

Shannon Alther,  TMS Architects Principal and AIANH ‘s President-Elect, was on hand January 11th at the Bedford Village Inn to accept an AIA Award of Excellence for his work on Regeneration Park in Portsmouth, NH.  A former abandoned auto dealership, the building was re-used and re-purposed into a a state-of-the art, near net-zero office, retail…Read More

Residential Architecture Trends for 2013

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architecture 2013 trends

Trends in residential architecture develop slowly. But as one Houzz writer noted, some of the events of the past year reveal what architectural trends may be emerging in 2013. Below are just a few of the architectural trend predictions for 2013. Contemporary Cores in Old Buildings – Older buildings, such as historic homes, are constantly being repurposed,…Read More

Green Products to Watch for in 2013

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Green Roofing

A new year is upon us, and with it will come new trends and interests. But, one part of 2012 that we don’t expect to lose is the public’s growing interest in all things green.  This past year the construction and architectural industry has witnessed exciting new developments in environmentally friendly products and techniques. At…Read More

TMS Mixed Old & New to Design a Luxurious, Eco-Friendly Farmhouse

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tms architects

Step inside this White Mountains farmhouse in New Hampshire, and you’ll be instantly transported to a charming country scene from a simpler, sweeter time. Designed after the property’s original 1788 farmhouse that couldn’t be restored, this luxurious farmhouse style residence is proof that historic architectural elements and modern green living can not only coexist; they…Read More

TMS Architects Helps Bottomline Technologies Expand Office & Green Initiatives

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architect new england

As a company specializing in banking and financing solutions in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Bottomline Technologies is leading the way in automating and managing processes involving cash, payments, invoices, transactional documents and supply chain tools. The company is not only setting industry standards for innovation and customer service, but they are also setting industry standards when it comes to sustainability.…Read More

Natural Hardwood Flooring Options

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home remodeling new hampshire

Resale value is no longer the primary goal in home remodeling. With the housing market still recovering, more homeowners today are deciding to stay and renovate rather than move. And instead of trying to appeal to the average buyer, homeowners are looking for ways to improve the look, feel and function of their home for…Read More

Sleek & Sustainable with Solar Power

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architect new england

Using modern technology to power certain household items just makes sense. And as solar panel systems move farther away from their original bulky designs, homeowners are taking advantage of more accessible and streamlined solar-powered devices and appliances. Solar ovens are becoming very popular along with solar water heaters and solar pool heaters. Solar lighting has…Read More

Abandoned Walmart becomes Award-Winning Library

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building reuse

It’s been happening in small towns across the U.S. over the last few years. Businesses big and small have been shutting their doors for good, leaving a smattering of outter shells that were once flourishing and succeeding. So when a Walmart store in the southern tip of Texas decided to relocate to a larger facility,…Read More