The Importance of Preserving Historical Buildings

March 24, 2010 By 1 Comment

Preservation of historical buildings and sites involve maintaining the integrity of the place through protection and restoration using both old and new materials. The preservation of historical buildings may involve several stages which may or may not include rehabilitation, restoration and reinforcement.

The world could be moving faster than ever but there are benefits to preserving historical sites and keeping things as they were many years ago. There are many ways communities can revitalize and modernize neighbourhoods while maintaining historical buildings.

One of the many reasons historical building must be preserved is the character they bring to a neighbourhood or a place. Buildings and spaces with history have character. They bring a certain charm to a neighbourhood that new buildings don’t. Many old buildings created in the 19th century are beautiful.

Historical establishments serve as reminders of the past. This is one of the reasons preserving historical buildings is important. Understanding the past, having reminders of the past even just in architecture will allow people to understand where they are and where they are headed. When people understand what the community has gone through and have visual reminders of their past then they can feel more connected to a place. The historical buildings can allow people to understand what happened in the past and how things could possibly play out in the future. Preserving our past gives us more understanding and hope for the future.

Preserving buildings means you are saving on construction costs by making use of structures that are already there instead of tearing down old buildings just to create new ones. Many old buildings remain structurally sound even if they were built a long time ago. When you save buildings, you are also in turn saving the environment. This is because construction of buildings requires the use of materials such as lumber which will have an impact on the environment. Even the use of cement and other materials and the whole process of constructing new buildings have impacts on the environment. The building is already there to begin with, it makes better sense for the environment if we made things we built last longer. Existing buildings can still be used for modern uses and processes. Historical preservation also comes in handy for making old buildings usable and earth-friendly. Some repairs may be needed to make buildings more energy-efficient but generally, doing repairs on buildings still uses less energy than knocking down old buildings down and building new ones from scratch.

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