Special Praise for The Music Hall

August 3, 2011 By Leave a Comment
Music Hall

We received this in an email yesterday and thought it was important enough to share.  The quotation is from David McCullough who was recently at The Music Hall to discuss his book The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris as part of The Music Hall’s Writers on a New England Stage series. I can’t get over…Read More

Portsmouth Goes Green with Historic Preservation in Mind

June 9, 2011 By Leave a Comment

A new project right here in Portsmouth is combining architectural preservation and sustainability—two ideas we support wholeheartedly at TMS. The Portsmouth Historic District Commission is allowing Jack Bingham of SEA Solar Store to install a solar hot water system on the roof of Congress Street eatery Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Café, according to this Green Alliance…Read More

Funding Cut for Save America’s Treasures

May 24, 2011 By Leave a Comment

We were sad to see that President Obama’s proposed 2012 budget “slashes” funding for Save America’s Treasures, a program that supports historic preservation nationwide, according to The Art Newspaper. Bobbie Greene McCarthy, director of Save America’s Treasures at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, told The Art Newspaper: “We are in the center of the…Read More

Music by the Sea Concert Series

July 22, 2010 By Leave a Comment

We are at the final two weeks of the Sea Coast Science Center’s Music-by-the-Sea Concert Series.  The concerts are a great way to enjoy a summer evening. You can relax, enjoy the music and take in a scenic sunset. Tonight’s concert features Entrain.  Entrain describes itself as “rock-blues-calypso-ska-zydeco-jazz-funk, based around the drums and infectious rhythms”. …Read More